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Fire Services

Fire Services

The Township of Georgian Bluffs contracts for fire services through the Inter-township Fire Board and the South Bruce Peninsula Fire Department. 

The Inter-township Fire Department covers the south end of the Township as shown on the fire service area map below.  The fire service is jointly owned by the Township of Georgian Bluffs and the Municipality of Meaford .  The Inter-township Fire Department is located at the following address:

180 12th Street West
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 3V2

The Department is comprised of one full-time Fire Chief, one full-time Deputy Chief, one part-time Chief Fire Prevention Officer and 39 dedicated volunteer members.

Fire Chief Carl Linthorne

Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Gautreau

Chief Fire Prevention Officer Wayne Trimble can be reached at Non Emergency Phone Number 519-376-9933.

Emergency response in the northern part of the Township as shown on the fire services map is provided by the South Bruce Peninsula Fire Department through an Automatic Aid Agreement. For fire prevention and inspection services contact the Inter-township Fire Department.

South Bruce Peninsula Fire non-emergency phone number is 534-1400 Ext. 307

Fire Prevention Tips

Fire Protection Information

In Case of Fire


Crawl near the floor to the nearest exit maintaining contact with the wall.

DO NOT OPEN A DOOR IF IT IS HOT TO THE TOUCH! Use second way out to safety.

If the door and knob are cool, open the door slowly. Be prepared to close it if smoke and heat rush in.

Should you get trapped, put as many closed doors as possible between you and the fire; seal all cracks in doors and windows with towels or bedding.

If clothing catches on fire, STOP where you are: DROP gently to the ground and cover your face with your hands and ROLL back and forth to put out the flames.

Cool burns in cool running water (under the tap) for 10 to 15 minutes.

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