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The Building Department processes applications for all types of building permits.  The following lists some of the applicable forms.
The Department's duties are to promote appropriate minimum standards of building as prescribed by the Ontario Building Code. The Ontario Building Code is enforced through the Building Code Act.
Building Officials are regulated by the Building Code Act and therefore have a duty to enforce the Building Code. Building officials are bound by a code of conduct ensuring honesty and integrity is applied. To view the code of conduct, please follow the link below.
Building Permits
Building permits protect the interests and safety of individuals and the community. Through the Building Permit process, compliance with the Ontario Building Code, Official Plan, Zoning By-law and any other Applicable Law is reviewed.
Items requiring building permits are:
  • Any new structure exceeding 10 metres square (108 square feet)
  • Any addition to a structure regardless of the size of the addition
  • Interior alterations for commercial buildings
  • Interior renovations for residential buildings if a bedroom is added, bathroom  is added, an apartment is created or insulation is being applied.
  • Installing a woodstove or fireplace
  • Structural changes including enlarging existing window or door openings
  • A change of use increasing the hazard
  • Signs ( By-law 81-2012)
  • Decks that are 600 mm (24") from finished grade
  • New porches,porch roofs or enclosing a porch
  • New plumbing or changes to existing drains and venting
  • Swimming Pools ( By-law 18-2004)
  • Temporary tents larger than 60 metres square ( 646 square feet)
  • Wind and Solar projects
For permit fees, please follow the link below:
Facts to know:
No person can construct or demolish a building  without first obtaining a permit from the Township.
Building permits are available on-line or at the Municipal Office located at 177964 Grey road 18, south of Springmount.
An application is not considered complete unless all the appropriate drawings are received (2 sets), other applicable permits including septic, fill permits from the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, entrance (Grey County, MTO,or Municipal), 911 number, water connection (if applicable) and other applicable law  are obtained and received and all associated fees are paid.
Structures not requiring a building permit still must meet the Township's Zoning By-law and may need other approvals such as a permit from the local conservation authority.
Building Assistant
(for inspection bookings and all inquiries)
Sheena Wehrle
Phone: 519-376-2729 #249
Deputy Chief Building Official
(and By-Law Enforcement)
Garry McCartney
Phone: 519-376-2729 #327
Chief Building Official
(and By-Law Enforcement)
Josh Planz
Phone: 519-376-2729 #227
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